Designed around you

The XC60 remains true to the way we’ve always created our cars – designed around you. With design and innovation to make your life more enjoyable and less complicated.


More efficiency through better performance and additional torque: HEICO SPORTIV’S engine tuning goes under the name of e.motion® – for “efficiency in motion” – and meanwhile has over 10,000 satisfied customers. The tuning regimen offers a perceptible increase in power and torque, thereby hugely improving acceleration from stand-still and in gear, and optimizing responsiveness, top speed and fuel consumption. In a nutshell: it promises top performance and the ultimate driving pleasure.


A joy to the ear, a hallmark and a quest in one: Selected Sound® is HEICO SPORTIV’s answer to the automotive industry’s downsizing trend and is a technology specially developed by HEICO SPORTIV for a superior sound experience.


HEICO SPORTIV sport springs stands for meticulous handling, low side tilt and – thanks to the circa 30 mm lowering of the car and optional wheel spacers – extremely attractive optics. In short: superior driving dynamics combined with everyday suitability!

If desired, Selected Level® lets the XC60’s adaptive air suspension be lowered at the touch of a button, providing for a brawnier appearance and even more driving pleasure.


HEICO SPORTIV VOLUTION® aluminum wheels give your volvo a personal touch, or more specifically: your personal touch! The 20” to 22” volution® sport wheel program based on v. (“five”) and vii. (“seven”) spoke designs come in different colors and surface finishings for a huge range of combinations. Streamlined, minimalist forms and optimized weight for improved driving dynamics and performance are common to all.


Only when form and function are in harmony can one talk of truly successful design. Heico sportiv has spent decades perfecting this skill. With its profound understanding of volvo’s dna, heico sportiv takes up on volvo’s design language and invigorates it. From front spoiler to rear skirt and bodykit: heico sportiv’s fastidiously designed accessories are positive eye-catchers, placing your volvo boldly in the limelight



HEICO SPORTIV enhances the scandinavian look, adding exclusive interior products such as a sport steering wheel, aluminum pedals and footrests. If desired, we’ll also design your vehicle’s interior according to your own unique wishes. From, luxury, colour-coordinated velour foot mats to full leather upholstery. All perfectly crafted by hand.